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Monday, 27th May 2024

Hampton Lucy Educational Trust

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Meetings are held three times a year, January, May and September, on the 2nd Tuesday.


To be eligible to apply for a grant from the Trust you must be under 25 years old and PERMANENTLY reside in one of the four Parishes, located in Warwickshire.

Alveston C of E Primary School

During the thirteen years that I have been the Headteacher here, pupils have benefited greatly from the support of the Trust. There are many ‘extras’ it has funded that have had a positive impact on pupils’ self confidence, esteem, enjoyment and , ultimately, attainment.  For instance, funding ‘Armonico Consort’ to work with children on ‘A Musical in a Day’ resulted in children learning correct breathing techniques for singing, performing confidently to an audience and learning about history in a fun and stimulating way.  Skills learnt on this one day can then be carried over to future learning.

Specialist dyslexia support has resulted in specific pupils making very good progress in English.

In the past, the Trust has also helped fund visiting artists during our ‘Arts Weeks’.  In short, the Trust enables us to build on what is already available to us through delegated funding.  With the Trust’s support we are able to provide many enriching experiences for our pupils and for this we are very grateful.

Krysia Vickery