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Saturday, 22nd June 2024

Hampton Lucy Educational Trust

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To be eligible to apply for a grant from the Trust you must be under 25 years old and PERMANENTLY reside in one of the four Parishes, located in Warwickshire.


The financial support given to me by HLET throughout my time at Exeter University was invaluable. It helped me to make the most of my 3 years studying at the Cornwall campus for my BSc in Zoology, and especially helped me with funding things like field trips, books and equipment which were essential parts of my course. Most importantly the funding allowed me to spend the majority of my University holidays getting valuable voluntary work experience, and this has been the crucial factor in my success at getting into my dream career in ecology and wildlife conservation just a year after graduating. I am very grateful to HLET.


I decided to return to full time education as an adult. The course I chose was a National Diploma in Fishery Management at Sparsholt College, Hampshire. I have been a keen fisherman all of my life and have always been fascinated by things that live below the surface.

The course entailed both academic and practical parts in areas such as Fish health & biology, Trout & Salmon Farming, Habitat Creation & Management and Marine & Warm-water aquaculture.

I was offered financial help through the Hampton Lucy Grammar School Foundation.

Owing to the course being classed as further education, not higher education, a student loan was unavailable. The financial support of the Foundation helped me through my 2 years at college and was put towards course fees, accommodation & equipment required for the course.

I am quite sure I would not have been able to complete the course without the help the Foundation offered.

I am very proud to say that I completed the course with a Triple Distinction Grade & 100% attendance. These grades allowed me to achieve my goal of getting a job within the Fisheries Industry and I have been working on a Trout Farm for the last 3 years since finishing college.


The Hampton Lucy fund supported me with my three years of study at the University of Cumbria. It provided a much needed financial boost and I have no doubt that it helped ensure my qualification in Primary Education. A year on, and I am now a fully qualified teacher working back in Warwickshire as a class teacher at Coten End Primary School. I am extremely grateful for the support which was consistent and provided at sensible, practical intervals.


I applied to Hampton Lucy in 2010 for their grant to help with my monetary costs of going to university. I was genuinely surprised at the generous level of support that they were able to offer me throughout my 3 years at The University of Chester studying a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science.

Over the 3 years I used the support to assist with various expenses ranging from books and other university supplies such as sports specific attire, an external hard drive for my computer (something I would recommend for all students) and also my accommodation costs, specifically in second and third year. Finally I also used some of grant to fund my production costs of my third year dissertation (printing was not an insignificant cost).

I would highly recommend the Hampton Lucy Grammar School Fund as they made a significant financial difference to my time at university. I also feel that having the funding provided on a termly basis was a brilliant idea as it allowed me to budget throughout the year, and therefore if there were any unexpected costs e.g. a large heating bill during the winter, I knew I would have some money coming in above and beyond my student loan and part time employment.


I applied to the HLGSF fund when I started University in Swansea. The grant meant that I was able to get on with studying (and having fun) without worrying too much about the money – I knew that each term I had that little bit extra to cover the costs I hadn’t predicted. I left with a 2:1 BSc in Psychology and many amazing memories, a lot of which I wouldn’t have been able to do without the extra funding to cover all the essentials (like books, printing costs, and pasta!)

Alveston C of E Primary School

During the thirteen years that I have been the Headteacher here, pupils have benefited greatly from the support of the Trust. There are many ‘extras’ it has funded that have had a positive impact on pupils’ self confidence, esteem, enjoyment and , ultimately, attainment.  For instance, funding ‘Armonico Consort’ to work with children on ‘A Musical in a Day’ resulted in children learning correct breathing techniques for singing, performing confidently to an audience and learning about history in a fun and stimulating way.  Skills learnt on this one day can then be carried over to future learning.

Specialist dyslexia support has resulted in specific pupils making very good progress in English.

In the past, the Trust has also helped fund visiting artists during our ‘Arts Weeks’.  In short, the Trust enables us to build on what is already available to us through delegated funding.  With the Trust’s support we are able to provide many enriching experiences for our pupils and for this we are very grateful.

Krysia Vickery


Hampton Lucy C of E Primary School

The regular awards given to us support vulnerable families providing educational visits for children and also gives us the opportunity of securing music provision for the Family Services in Church.

The additional allocations that are given enable us to provide projects that benefit all the children in the school. For example, the funds given this summer helped us set up a gardening project within the school grounds. All children, present and future, are now able to make use of the facilities by participating in the cycle of planting, caring for plants / seeds to the end result. The benefits for the school and pupils of this project are a permanent feature at the school and children are able to monitor the produce all year round, teaching children to commit to long term projects and improving children’s life skills. This project would not be able to have gone ahead without the support from the Trustees.

Margaret Lunnon